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Marriage After 70-Years-Old

A couple from Redstone Highlands Communities marries in their seventies.

Bernie Hartjens and Joan Megrey, both residents of Redstone Highlands Communities, are the beautiful couple that have an amazing story of decisions, heartache, and love. They had to deal with many difficult decisions when Bernie and Joan were caregivers for their late spouses and explained how difficult this was. They both loved their spouses very much, but when Bernie’s wife fell deathly ill and Joan’s husband did as well, they both told me that they actually prayed for God to take them. Bernie and Joan were never selfish wanting to keep their spouses alive as many of us do.

When Bernie moved into Redstone in 2008 he did not have a hard time adjusting, but he was lonely without his beautiful wife of almost 50 years. He tried to stay active and began to meet a group of friends that helped him feel more at home. Joan came to Redstone two years later in 2010. Immediately, Bernie was interested in her and Joan had befriended all of his friends, so they had a lot in common. It was love at first sight for Bernie, but Joan needed some persuading because she was not ready to move on yet. Bernie had asked Joan out on a lunch date and she turned him down at first. She joked that she did not think he was serious, then when she had realized he was and she said no, she felt bad, but she just was not ready. Bernie gave Joan time and asked her to go on a dinner date a year after the first initial attempt. His charm finally worked. They went out on their first date in 2011 and decided then that they would never be married if their relationship blossomed. Although, two short years later they both had a change of heart.

Bernie asked Joan to marry him at the Sacred Heart Cemetery on August 1, 2013. A cemetery is an unusual place to be proposed to, but for this couple it felt right. Both of their spouses are buried at the cemetery and when Bernie proposed to Joan he asked the permission from his late wife and Joan’s late husband. The two wed on October 19, 2013 and held an additional reception at the Redstone Highlands Greensburg Community on Thursday, November 7, 2013 at 2:30 pm in the Chapel.

About Redstone Highlands Communities

Redstone Highlands is a Christian, non-profit continuing care retirement community (CCRC) with communities in Greensburg, Murrysville, and North Huntingdon, including Colonial Villa estates at its North Huntingdon community. Redstone Highlands is dedicated to providing living alternatives and high-quality services that help to meet the changing needs of the community. Serving more than 800 residents annually, Redstone Highlands is the region’s largest Continuing Care Retirement Community, offering services ranging from independent living to skilled nursing assistant. For more information, please visit

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