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Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation Will Pursue Liquor License Referend for Local Restaurants

Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation (WCDC) announced that it will seek to get a referendum on the primary election ballot next April allowing restaurants in Wilkinsburg to apply for and receive (R) liquor licenses from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The Board of Directors voted Nov. 17 to approve the effort to pursue “R” liquor licenses as part of the Business District Revitalization Plan adopted by the Borough of Wilkinsburg in June, 2010. The board believes restaurant liquor licenses can attract new businesses to Wilkinsburg and increase investment in the area.

The WCDC will hold public meetings to garner input. From January 24 to February 14, 2013, the WCDC will collect the 2,189 signatures needed to get the referendum on the ballot. If the required number of signatures are gathered, the referendum will be included on the primary election ballot on April 24.

“Though Wilkinsburg has been a ‘dry’ community for more than 77 years, we want to explore this option to attract full-service restaurants to the community, as other once-dry communities have successfully done in their community development efforts,” said Tracey Evans, executive director of WCDC.

The Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation was formed in June of 2008 with a mission to revitalize Wilkinsburg and surrounding areas through business and residential development, organizational and individual civic leadership, and cultural enrichment.

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