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Why Wait for Someone To Give You A Job?

Why wait for someone to give you a job, create your own job!  “Learn the Basics of Starting Your Own Small Business” right here in  Beaver County at PA CareerLink® Beaver County, located at Beaver Valley Mall, just down the corridor from Sears.  Plan to attend all ten workshops offered by Job Training for Beaver County, Inc., for those Beaver County residents currently unemployed and under-employed. 

The series of 10 workshops starts out with “You Have an Idea, Now What?”  Additional workshops cover how to think like an entrepreneur, feasibility studies and business plans, financing options, marketing, pricing strategies, organizing your small business, and the practical steps to starting a small business.

Job Training for Beaver County, Inc., is offering the workshops through the Beaver County CommunityDevelopment Program and a Federal Community Block Grant to help Beaver County residents learn, grow, and prosper in creating jobs.

Plan to register and take all ten workshops in the next series, starting on Monday, January 10, 2011.  For details Call Ruth Barrett at 724-728-4860 x 209 or email:

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