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What Triggers the Cause of Childhood OCD?

One must be very knowledgeable of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder’s nature, background, history, treatment and medication and its signs and symptoms. There could be different factors that can influence the advent of OCD’s signs and symptoms. If observed in an earlier age and stage, the chances of its cure are greater and can lessen the potential effects it may cause as the patient eventually grows into adulthood.
Children and adults differ in their cognitive and development stage. Various treatments may be applied to them for children and adults have different outlooks in life, thus, psychosocial models, thought-act fusion and behavioral and biomedical information are widely spread.

First to mention is the biomedical theory. Under this is the Genetic theory which explains that OCD can be inherited and is hence transmitted through genes. Dominant symptom of this is excessive frequent hand washing. Another is Immunology theory. It is the beginning of the disorder and tics are relating to ß-hemolytic streptococci (GAS) infections. While Neutral Circuitry theory involves more participation of the basal ganglia and frontal lobe. It uses neuro image techniques to study OCD patients.

Second is the Cognitive Behavioral Theory. It is also believed to be a talking therapy. It mostly adapts self help applications, where they are taught on how to handle situations and on how to deal with their attitude. It helps OCD patient manage his obsessive and compulsive thoughts. It includes treatment of personalities, moods and anxieties which can lead to a very disturbing thought.

Third is the Thought-action Fusion. It is where one considers bad thought to be an equivalent of a bad action as well. It is also when one thinks that an unwanted event is likely to happen.

Lastly is the Psycho-social theory. Events and activities that are happening can influence and bring great impact that may lead to OCD among children. They include those children being bullied or laughed at school that makes them embarrassed and lower their esteem. Research shows that occurrences that have been traumatic may relate to the impairment of the children that may result to OCD.

The theories mentioned above are necessary for everyone to know to better understand the cause of OCD and by that proper treatment can be given to patients especially the children who mostly need the aid of the doctor and the support and motivation of family members

For more information please contact Dr. John E. Neyman Jr. at Renewed Life Christian Counseling

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