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Volunteers Recognized for Their Great Work

Thank you…THANK YOU…THANK YOU!!!  The words are so inadequate to express the heartfelt appreciation for the steadfast dedication and service that volunteers provide.  At Treasure House Fashions we are especially thankful for this selfless giving because our organization is run COMPLETELY by volunteers.  We simply would not exist without the on-going gift of the time and talents of these amazing ladies!!
As an expression of that appreciation, Treasure House Fashions hosted a “Celebration of You” at Narcissi’s Winery on Route 910 in September.  The sunny, brisk fall day was a perfect backdrop for fresh-air, feasting, and fellowship.  Several ladies shared stories that had touched their hearts during their volunteer time at the shop.  It was a precious reminder that so very often you get more than you give when you volunteer – and these ladies are the very best at GIVING!!  THANKS AGAIN, Ladies!!
One of our volunteers received recognition beyond the scope of our humble shop.  Cynthia Richey was selected as the RSVP Volunteer of the Year!!  RSVP (Retired and Senior Volunteer Program) received over 700 nominations from various agencies in the Greater Pittsburgh area.  Here are some of the reasons Cindy was selected to receive this award for outstanding service: 
“Cindy‘s commitment is inspiring to all who work with her. She drives 70 miles round trip at least three days per week, often arriving at the shop long before the regular shop hours.  In completing the “first sort” for all donations, she touches 10,000 and 15,000 pieces of clothing per week!  She brings order out of chaos and has done so on three continents – working 4 months as an administrative assistant at a hospital in Africa in 2004, volunteering to assist in Thailand’s tsunami clean-up efforts in 2007, and serving at our shop from 2001 to present. She never asks anyone to do something she would not do, and she selflessly fills in alternate shifts when a volunteer needs her help.  Treasure House Fashions is a crown in the community of women we serve; Cynthia Richey is an irreplaceable gem in that crown!”
CONGRATULATIONS, Cindy, and heartfelt THANKS to every one of our volunteers!  You are the steadfast heart beat of our mission! 
TREASURE HOUSE FASHIONS is always looking for more tenderhearted women to join our mission as volunteers.  If you love fabulous clothing bargains, investing in others, and hanging out with amazing ladies, this is the place for you! 
For more information on TREASURE HOUSE FASHIONS, see our website: or call at 412-364-3256.

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