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Volunteer Projects and More at Tiger Pause

Beez Cafe

Our building permit for Beez Café has been approved! Any skilled contractors who have a little time to volunteer running electrical or plumbing or framing and finishing countertops are needed. Please contact Matt at 724-630-9383 with your availability and type of work you’d like to do.

Volunteer Saturdays

We have many projects where your church or community group can get involved. Please contact Matt at 724-630-9383 with the Saturday your group would like to volunteer and how many will be involved and we will hook you up with a project suited to your group. Our Saturday work days are also a great opportunity for high school students to earn community service hours for senior projects. If any student has a particular idea for a senior project they would like to do to benefit Tiger Pause, please let us know.

Boys’ Center Update

Over the past three months the Boys’ Center, staff and students have experienced positive results from their focus on increased retention during Bible study. The boys have retained several main themes as they relate to the lessons taught by staff members. The staff at the Boys’ Center also worked with the boys to learn the Lord’s Prayer. So far, most of the boys have learned about 80% of it.

Highlights & Successes

We have turned the garden at 1117 10th Ave. into a fruit tree garden. Come by and see the improvements.  Additionally, we have some pots planted by some of our students ready to sprout in the window of our administrative office at 1320 7th Ave. If you are walking by, stop and take a peek at their progress as well. Caleb Foust, Josh Westurn, and Maggie Bowersox from our after-school staff are graduating from Geneva College this spring. We are so appreciative of the work they have done with Tiger Pause!

Updates & Changes

You would think that I would have learned by now that I only have so much time on my hands, but somehow I managed to produce yet another Nance to roam this world. The wood burner in our living room wasn’t the only thing heating up this winter. Suffice it to say, another little squirt is on the way. We will be welcoming our new addition in late October. Prayers for a healthy and safe pregnancy would be appreciated.

Special Thanks

Thanks to all the after-school site supervisors: Mrs. Tina Davis, Mrs. Sabrina Tench, Dave Slebodnik, Mackenzie Brady, and Lauren Boughter. We offer an extra thank you to Mrs. Davis for all her hard work making over 5,800 meals this school year! We would also like to thank Eden Schaffer, Mrs. McCraken and the ladies from Geneva RP who volunteered on Mondays this semester.

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