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Ursuline Senior Services, Good Grief Center to Merge

Nonprofit organizations Ursuline Senior Services and the Good Grief Center for Bereavement Support have announced an agreement to merge their operations, effective October 1.

Ursuline Senior Services, headquartered in Pittsburgh’s East End, provides a network of coordinated support services for senior citizens who often suffer abuse or neglect or otherwise have difficulty handling their day-to-day affairs. The Good Grief Center, located in Squirrel Hill, is the region’s first and only comprehensive center dedicated exclusively to bereavement support for all ages. Both organizations serve individuals throughout western Pennsylvania and beyond. The Good Grief Center will maintain its current mission, continue to serve all age groups and become a division of Ursuline Senior Services.

“This merger was proposed and agreed upon by both organizations because we share a central focus on caring and commitment to the personal dignity of each individual we serve,” said Ursuline Executive Director Anthony Turo. “Our organizations will become stronger programmatically by working together and this merger brings benefits not just to our two organizations, but to the communities we serve.

“Both of our leadership teams understand the importance of collaboration, especially in these tough economic times. Such efforts provide cost-effectiveness, eliminate duplication of administrative services and draw on the strength of combined experience and expertise.”

“The Good Grief Center is a model for how a nonprofit can manage its own destiny,” said Diana Bucco, president of the Forbes Fund. “Their merger with Ursuline Senior Services creates a significant win for our community. The mission of the Good Grief Center will remain strong as it forges a new relationship that will allow people to find the help and support they need at critical times in their lives.”

Added Good Grief Center Division Director Cynthia Oliver, “We believe this is an excellent fit for both organizations. While the Good Grief Center will continue to serve people of all ages, we understand that as people age they are likely to experience more losses. Bereavement support is now an additional and critical service that Ursuline can offer to its constituents throughout the region.”

Neither organization anticipates any disruption or curtailing of current services due to the merger. In fact, by creating greater efficiencies, it is anticipated that both organizations will see an expansion of the number of individuals they will serve in the future. This will happen largely through the synergies that emerge from the merger: Ursuline Senior Services gains additional high quality programs it can offer through an ever-widening reach into the community and the Good Grief Center will have access to the many resources available through Ursuline Senior Services.

“We believe that a heightened awareness in the community of both organizations will lead to a higher demand for our services,” said Mr. Turo. “Of course, thoughtful consideration will be given to any expansion of programs to ensure that each organization continues to provide the highest quality of service to the community.”

Under the new structure, the Good Grief Center will become a division of Ursuline Senior Services, retaining its name and continuing to serve all age groups.  Mr. Turo will assume overall direction of the Good Grief Center. The Good Grief Center, division director, staff and volunteers will continue to operate out of the Squirrel Hill office. As 501(c) 3 organizations, both Ursuline and the Good Grief Center have governing boards. After the merger, the Ursuline board will become the governing board for both organizations, with 4 members of the Good Grief Center joining the Ursuline board.

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About the Good Grief Center (GGC)

The Good Grief Center for Bereavement Support, a community-based nonprofit organization, is the region’s first and only comprehensive center dedicated exclusively to bereavement support of all ages. Its service area spans Western Pennsylvania—as well as any part of the English-speaking world over the phone and through its website, Its mission is to be a comprehensive bereavement resource and referral center that builds a more compassionate community through grief awareness, education, support and hope; creating a safe place where all who have experienced the pain of death may come to work through loss and learn to manage grief.

The Good Grief Center supports individuals and families as they work through the grieving process by providing free services that include compassionate support, education, a lending library of grief-related materials, and referrals to community resources. Services are available in person and by phone.

The cornerstone of the Good Grief Center is confidential “peer support,” where staff and trained volunteers—most of whom have experienced grief themselves—serve as educators, listeners, advocates and coaches while offering empathetic understanding and a healing presence to grieving individuals and families. The Good Grief Center also provides grief-in-the-workplace education, training and support services for business and organizations throughout the region.


About Ursuline Senior Services

Ursuline Senior Services is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism and care. Ursuline Senior Services promotes the dignity and well-being of the senior population by providing coordinated supportive services tailored to the changing needs of each individual. Ursuline provides direct assistance to senior citizens in Southwestern Pennsylvania through a variety of human service programs that address issues such as elder abuse and neglect, guardianship, financial management, and day-to-day living assistance. For additional information about Ursuline Senior Services, visit

Since 1981, Ursuline Senior Services has been offering myriad programs to an ever-growing population of those 60 and older, in Allegheny County and beyond. These include: Care Management, which identifies needs and provides services; Protective Services, which advocates for those vulnerable to abuse and manipulation; Guardianship, which provides care for those lacking the capacity to do so for themselves; Service Coordination, which assists residents in senior independent living facilities; and Volunteer Programs, which include Money Management, Senior Reassurance and Volunteer Shopping.

The mission of Ursuline Senior Services is simple, yet profound: To help older adults age with dignity.
Ursuline Senior Services                                                                                       Email:
4749 Baum Boulevard                                                                     Visit USS at
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
412.683.0400 or 1-888-881-4749
TDD 412-683-1023
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