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This English Spot Bunny is Ready for Adoption

Mr. McGregor,

This proper Englishman (or rather English Spot bunny) prefers using his surname to distinguish himself from other rabbits. He is gentleman-like, interactive, curious and, of course, polite. He might be a touch shy at first, but after a few pats on his smooth, spotted, furry back – forget about it – he’s your buddy for life.

He’s a thinking man, usually watching his surroundings for anything to pique his interest. And when he’s excited, he’ll rapidly twiddle his nose and twitch his whiskers. He’s a sponge for knowledge.

Like any well-rounded bunny, Mr. McGregory does have his tricky side. He tends to snug and rub up against other bunnies to encourage them to play. Some bunnies appreciate the attention, while others tend to ignore his pleas to play. If you have another bunny, Mr. McGregor will surely extend his gracious but sometimes pushy welcome.

So open your home to this British transplant (actually, he came from a shelter in Westmoreland County) and enjoy a cup of tea and crumpets with this animated and spirited bunny.

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