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Thinking of Adopting a Cat Meet Cilantro


The herb cilantro adds a little zest to many Mexican and Indian dishes. Our Cilantro is zesty, and even has eyes that glimmer a shade of green similar to her namesake.

Cilantro is a friendly kind of cat just looking for an empty lap to curl up in. She is a very talkative and affectionate girl and will even curl up in bed with you.

She loves to play with paper, catnip toys, string, balls, just about anything! She is used to being handled, brushed, living with other cats, and being in a carrier. She is startled by loud noises and is shy around children so she might feel more comfortable in an adult home, however she was friendly with visiting children to her home.

Cilantro’s previous owners (who knew her as Bebe) wanted her to go to a family who can give her all the love and time they possibly can. If you think you could be that person in Cilantro’s life, please talk with an Animal Friend’s adoption coordinator today!

Best of all, by adopting from Animal Friends, you make it possible for them to rescue and care for another pet who truly needs help. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s sit down together! 

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