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Service Programs for Children at Pittsburgh Cares

Tell us what your needs & interests are!

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Dear school champions and youth program providers,

Over the past several years Pittsburgh Cares Youth Engaged in Service team received many requests from schools and organizations for us to facilitate customized programming such as:

  • Days of Service for after school programs, classrooms, and entire schools
  • Leadership through Service workshops for students
  • Service Learning Curriculum Development and Support
  • Service Learning Professional Development Workshops for educators and after school program providers
  • And Service Fairs for schools

We have several FREE service opportunities for schools and organizations to participate in such as:

Although, we have several free opportunities, these opportunities don’t always fit within the needs and interests of schools and after school programs.  In order to determine the exact need and interest of area schools and programs, we want to hear from you!  We would like show local foundations that there is a need and interest to get youth involved in service, although there is a lack of funds available to do that.  So we are asking you to take 3 minutes to complete this survey, so that we can more effectively share the needs and interests of the community to foundations.  It is our hope that foundations will respond to this need, so that we can in turn provide more service opportunities to schools and programs who can’t afford them.

Please click here to take the survey.

Thank you for time!  We hope to partner with you soon to bring more service opportunities to your students!

Holly McGraw-Turkovic                              Nina Zappa
Director of Youth Programs                       Youth Programs Manager     


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