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Savvy Cinderellas Helps Girls Build Self-Esteem

The Savvy Cinderellas program was created by Community Education Director, Joan Wolf Schenker, as a way to prevent the significant drop in girls’ self-esteem that begins in 4th grade and continues through adolescence.  Girls need activities which develop their talents, skills, and abilities rather than emphasize physical appearance. 

This program, offered by Anchorpoint Counseling Ministry, provides a fun, creative way for girls to develop a healthy self-image, manage stress, and increase protective developmental assets.  By the end of the program, participants perform for a live audience at their local library, school or community organization.   

4 Major Storytelling Goals of the Savvy Cinderella Club

When you stand up and tell a story you love, you gain:

  • S- Self-Confidence
  • S- Speaking Skills
  • S- Social Skills
  • S- Service to Community

Community service is a focal point for this grassroots program.  Call us today about bringing this program to your organization (412) 366-1300.

To learn more about Ancchorpoint Counseling Ministry, please visit our website at

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