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Resolutions for a Happier Life From RSVP

Many people make New Year’s resolutions to start off the New Year with a self-improvement theme: lose weight, get in shape, read more books, watch less TV, eat less junk food, make new friends, etc. Most of these good intentions will not last beyond a month or two. RSVP would like to give you a few suggestions to help you get started on some easy to accomplish 2011 resolutions. Following are resolutions designed to help you maintainand live a happier and fuller life.


1. Visit your local senior center, they are alive with all sorts of activities including games, crafts, lectures, exercise classes, educational courses, special interest clubs, entertainment, travel, parties and dances and hot lunches. 

2. Eat regular nourishing meals. If you have lost interest in eating because you live alone or do not want to make the effort, get out of your rut!  Occasionally invite a neighbor or friend to join you or plan to watch a special TV show while you dine. 

3. Increase your social contacts.  Host a tea party. The increased social and mental stimulation will be good for you. If you live alone and do not have a lot of family nearby, resolve to increase your social contacts for your own mental well being by making at least one new friend this year.

4.  Make a scrapbook about your life. Do you remember the TV show “This Is Your Life?” Each show featured in detail the life of some person. The format involved flipping through a scrapbook. Pretend you’re getting ready to be on that show. You’ll need a scrapbook to tell your life story; where were you born, who was in your family, what happened to you as a child, when and whom you married, etc. Include pictures and other mementos. 

5.  Get your papers/affairs in order. Do you have your important documents and information (insurance, social security number, mortgage/deed/lease, investments, savings accounts, auto   registration, will, Medicare/Medicaid info, etc.) together in a safe place? Does anyone else know where to find them? Get them together in one location, make a list of them and let someone know where to find them.

 6. Engage your mind.  Regular mental stimulation will help you stay sharp, reduce memory loss, and some say, prevent or delay Alzheimer’s disease. 

7. MOST IMPORTANT! Volunteer at a local nonprofit organization….Call Valerie at (724)378-7547 for details

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