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Recognize Outstanding Fathers in Beaver County

     Fatherhood Initiative of Beaver County

2013 The Father’s Heart Award

Do you have or know an outstanding father in Beaver County who is responsible for helping develop strong relationships within his family and his community? Nominate him today for A Father’s Heart Award presented by Fatherhood Initiative of Beaver County and Project Star at The Children’s Institute. Nominations from individuals and community-based organizations are now being accepted for the Fathers Heart Award. The Fatherhood Initiative of Beaver County will also conduct an Eighth Man Pledge ceremony for men and fathers who are seeking new beginnings with their children and community. Unlimited amount participants can participate; but please specify if you’re participating on the form. Nominees can be a biological father, non-biological father, grandfather, community father, single-parent father, adoptive or foster care father, residing in Beaver County who acts as a positive role model and takes responsibility for every facet of his children’s development. The nominated individual must also be available to attend the awards luncheon on Saturday, June 15, 2013, at the Community College of Beaver County. All nominees should meet the following requirements:

  • A father who is an inspirational role model and maintains a strong commitment and involvement with his family and community.
  • A father who is an inspirational role model to the children in the communities with whom he associates.
  • A father who has made a significant contribution to the local community and is recognized for his commitment and achievements.
  • A father who is committed to maintaining an ongoing and future contribution to the local community.
  • Nominees must live within Beaver County region
  • Late entries will not be accepted after Friday, April 15, 2013.


Recognition for Winner Award recipients will receive the Fathers Heart Award presented by Franklin Center of Beaver County, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, Beaver County Children Youth Services, Project Star at The Children’s Institute, Gateway Rehabilitation Center, Adoption Connection PA, and Fatherhood Initiative of Beaver County, recognition as an outstanding father. The nominated fathers will be judged by an independent awards panel. Nomination forms are currently available and can be received by click here, or by visiting ,

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