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Pennsylvania is Finding it’s “Way to Work”

Job Traning for Beaver County, Inc. wants you to know about the “WAY TO WORK” program and how it is helping Pennsylvania residents in Beaver, Greene and Washington Counties find thier  “way to work”.

If you are looking for a job this might be the answer. 

¨ Way to Work provides you with an advantage in the hiring process, giving you a competitive edge when looking for a job

¨ Employers will save money and be more profitable for hiring you.. 

¨ This program can create opportunities for you that may not have been available before. 

¨ This opportunity will end on September 30, 2010. 


Does your company need help? 

Now is the time to hire new employees!!!!! 

¨ Way to Work will match potential hires to your job listing,  allowing you to interview the best possible candidate. 

¨ You will receive 100% reimbursement for training your new employee on the job.  You will only have to pay the employer taxes. 

¨ Allow this funding to get your new employee trained and prepared in the way that you need to be successful. 

¨ Funding for this opportunity will end on September 30, 2010. 

Contact Way to Work now to get involved. 

  • PA CareerLink Beaver Co., 724-728-4860 ext: 207 
  • Job Training for Beaver County, Inc., 724-728-2020 ext: 121 
  • Southwest Corner Workforce Investment Board, 724-229-5083 
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