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Meet This Very Handsome Cat Mike

Do you like handsome, older men? Well, we have a match for you! Mike has big, green eyes that will melt your heart! His laid- back style is perfect for anyone looking for a best buddy. Mike’s put the frantic antics of kitten-hood behind him. He’d much rather relax on a warm lap or quietly explore our condo areas.Mike has a youthful curiosity and seems to have a nose for where we keep the treats! Mike would prefer to be the only pet in his new home. Mike tells us he doesn’t want to spend his golden years in a cage. Won’t you open your heart and home to one of our mature residents? Talk with an adoption counselor to see if Mike is the right match for you. And someone believes in Mike so much that they have sponsored his adoption donation, so he is truly priceless!
About Animal Friends Animal Friends, a premier companion animal resource center, is committed to nurturing and promoting the animal-human bond and creating a community where our relationship with companion animals is guided by compassion. It is our vision to:

  • Reduce the number of unwanted animals through aggressive spay/neuter programs;
  • Provide for the well-being of companion animals in need, while adhering to our no-kill tradition, and find each a lifelong, loving home;
  • Promote the animal-human bond through education and outreach programs;
  • And, act as an advocate on behalf of animals in crisis and as an enforcer of their rights and protection.

We are deeply committed to these goals while ensuring the financial security and stability of the organization for future generations.

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