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Meet This Sweet Dog, Buttercream

This shy but loving dog in in need of a new family.  Do you have room for her?

Buttercream is a shy girl who takes her time to warm up to new people. When you first meet her, you’ll see that she seems a little fearful and nervous. Once you get to know her, though, and she trusts you, you’ll see that she loves to cuddle and be petted. She also loves to play with toys! 

The thing that really brings Buttercream out of her shell is the presence of another dog. For this reason, we feel that she should be placed in a home with a canine companion who can help her feel comfortable and adjust to her new life. 

Buttercream needs an experienced dog person who will help her grow into the wonderful dog that we know she can be. She needs a lot of exercise and a home with a fenced yard is required so that she has a safe place to run and play. 

If you think you could be the perfect match for Buttercream, please come to Animal Friends to meet her. You’ll be glad you did! 

Jeff Geissler/Animal Friends

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