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Meet Harmony

Harmony is a lovely black and white cat waiting for a new home at Animal Friends.

The word harmony goes hand in hand, or in this case paw in paw, with peace and possibly quiet.

Well, let me tell you, despite my name, I come from a home with two dogs. Quiet, not really. Peaceful, again probably not. One was a Chinese Crested and the other a Chow mix,and yet I got along fine there.

I do tend to be a bit shy when visitors of the people variety appear, but I get over it when treated with just a bit of patience. Once I get to know you I’ll eat up all the attention you can give me, and I love to be petted. With just a little encouragement, I’m a regular lap sitter.

A nice home with patient people, and I’m ready to go. Dog(s) optional.

For more information about Harmony or our other adoptable cats, dogs and other pets, please visit our website at



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