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Meet a Heart Family

Meet a Heart Family

When Lori Jones was 24 weeks pregnant, she discovered the daughter she was carrying would be born with a life threatening heart defect and would need a pacemaker in order to survive. Riley is now 7 years old and is a happy, healthy second grader at Wexford Elementary, but with an incurable heart defect. Riley visits Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh regularly for heart checks but had her first overnight stay in July 2012 when she received her second pacemaker and new lead (her first one was implanted in Fairfax, VA). “It was so comforting, during that scary time, to walk into the pantry area for the families at the hospital, and to see a big basket of snacks and food from Jameson’s Army. What a great organization,” Lori says.

Through Lori’s work with Children’s Heart Foundation, she has been able to see more evidence of the impact Jameson’s Army has on area heart families. “I get to meet many heart families in the Pittsburgh area -­? many who have spent lots of time at Children’s,” Lori explains. “All of them have told me, ‘Jameson’s Army made our stay at the hospital so much nicer.’ I even had on heart dad say to me, ‘they even donated the laundry detergent I used!’” Although thankful for Riley’s current health, Lori knows that if Riley needs to visit Children’s Hospital again overnight, she will have some good friends taking care of them! Thank you, Jameson’s Army!

To learn more about Jameson’s Army and the work they are doing to raise awareness about Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), please click here.

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