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MANY Receives Funding for Mentoring Program for Youth

MANY is pleased to announce the award of a two year, multi-state mentoring initiative from Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention for $ 1,538,000. Through this funding MANY will work directly with six member organizations in six states to launch and implement the Mentoring+ program, which will strategically engage youth ages 6 through 17 at high-risk of school failure and juvenile delinquency in mentoring programs. “MANY is honored to partner with and invest in organizations that are committed to providing high quality services to youth and families.  To meet the needs of all young people, we must do so strategically and in collaboration,” said MANY’s Executive Director, Megan Blondin.  “Mentoring+ will increase the coordination of resources across programs and enhance the long-lasting positive impact of mentoring in these six communities.”  Mentoring has been proven as an effective way to improve academic performance and school engagement, while increasing positive community engagement. The Mentoring+ project will support six organizations in six states in developing or enhancing their mentoring programs in three identified program areas:

  1. The involvement of parents/caregivers in the project and provision of services for them.
  2. The delivery of structured activities and programs for the mentoring match.
  3. The implementation or expansion of ongoing training and mentoring support.

Additionally MANY will be providing the member organizations with coordinated training, individualized technical assistance, and support services through a hands-on, innovative model. The selected organizations have a long and successful history of connecting youth to mentors and include:

MANY is a provider network designed to strengthen and coordinate resources and services for youth and families in high-risk situations. MANY is committed to bringing together those organizations and individuals who are interested in the development of innovative alternatives for youth and families, and in exploring new ways to provide high quality services. For more information about MANY and our services visit

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