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Lincoln Park Students Volunteer Talents for Drug Prevention Program

Reality Tour

Students from Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School will use their acting talents to let young people see the lives they may end up leading if they fall prey to abuse of drugs and alcohol. 

Reality Tour®, an interactive youth drug prevention program produced by Community Health Challenge on behalf of Beaver County Behavioral Health, Drug and Alcohol Program, is to be held in the former Mt.Gallitizin Academy, 1016 State St., Baden, Pa., on Monday, March 7, at 6 p.m. 

The program is to be repeated May 16. Parents and their children aged 10 and up may attend either evening program. To register or for more information about Reality Tour®, people may contact Lori Vish-Stearns of Community Health Challenge at (724) 283-9955. 

The innovative program allows parents and their children “to take an intensive tour into a life where substance abuse has occurred and to experience the consequences resulting in those decisions,” according to Vish-Stearns. She said the dramatic presentation has great impact on the audience because the 30-some volunteer actors include real emergency medical and law enforcement professionals, and because the young characters are portrayed by skilled young Lincoln Park actors. 

A KDKA TV news report on Realty Tour called it “a fascinating and effective program” where children “experience what it’s like to be busted and booked.” 

Established in Butler County, Pa., and offered throughout the United States, this unique and powerful experience is designed to encourage youth and their parents to develop or improve communication as one of the protective factors to prevent the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, said Vish-Stearns. A  $5 per person donation is requested but may be waived upon request. 

Reality Tour is a national program of Candle, Inc. For more information about the program people may visit

Located in Midland, Pa., Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School is a Pennsylvania public school for grades 8-12 and kindergarten, providing a state-approved academic program and pre-professional training in dance, music, theater, creative writing, media arts and health sciences and the arts. 

For Lincoln Park, contact Fred Miller, communications coordinator, 724.777.5918,

For Reality Tour, contact Lori Vish-Stearns, 724.283.9955, 

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