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JTBC is Providing Computer Recycle Program to Beaver County Area

Job Training for Beaver County (JTBC), in partnership with Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania, is providing a Computer Demanufacturing (Recycling) Program.

JTBC, now located in the Beaver Valley Mall, is accepting donations of old computers. This recycling service is free of charge to those who donate.  The Computer Demanufacturing also provides a practical work experience for our clients, helping them to develop skills that make them more competitive in today’s job market.

In addition, this program is vital in preventing electronic waste from reaching the landfills.

We thank you for your support in this project. If you have computers you are interested in donating, please call: Dave Zusinas Demanufacturing Program Manager 724-728-2020 ext. 129 Or Rick Riley Program Manager 724-728-2020 ext. 103

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