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Join Just Harvest in Speaking Out Against Cuts to WIC!

When it comes to balancing the budget, why is it that the federal government places programs aimed to help low-income families on the chopping block first?, and while it was defeated, there is not a sufficient guarantee against future proposed cuts to WIC.
Among cuts to other vital programs, H.R. 1 called for a $758 million cut to WIC
. This would have had a tremendously negative effect on low-income new mothers who use their monthly WIC benefits to purchase high-nutrition fruits, vegetables, grains and formula and milk for their children up to age 5.
In Allegheny County, over 16,000 WIC-eligible households participated in this program in 2010.  A better fix for our deficit crisis that would not eliminate resources for so many in our community can surely be found.

As part of the continuing resolution (H.R. 1) introduced in late February, Congress called for huge cuts affecting low-income Americans who depend on vital social programs like the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC).  The Senate vote on H.R. 1 took place on March 9

Low-income families, advocates and the like are aware that changes need to be made, but not on the backs of our most vulnerable.  Struggling new mothers and infants do not deserve to pay for the spending shortfalls of others!


  • Call your Senators’ offices and tell them to oppose any subsequent proposed cuts to WIC, and to support more responsible spending adjustments that will not place the burden on low-income families. 

Senator Pat Toomey
Washington D.C. office: (202) 224-4254
Pittsburgh office: (412) 803-3501

Senator Robert Casey
Washington D.C. office: (202) 224-6324
Pittsburgh office: (412) 803-7370

  • Call your Representative and offer the same message. 

Congressman Jason Altmire (4th District)
Washington D.C. office: (202) 225-2565
Natrona Heights office: (724) 226-1304

Congressman Mike Doyle (14th District)
Washington D.C. office: (202) 225-2135
Pittsburgh office: (412) 390-1499

Congressman Tim Murphy (18th District)
Washington D.C. office: (202) 225-2301
Pittsburgh office: (412) 344-5583

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