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Job Search at PA CareerLink® Beaver County Breaking Job Search Barriers

PA CareerLink® Beaver County, Beaver Valley Mall, just announced their brand, new 2013 campaign “You Can Do It – Break the Barriers and Find Success in Your Job Search, ”.   According to Dianne Stoner, Site Administrator, PA CareerLink® Beaver County, the new, high-energy campaign is aimed at empowering job seekers with information on services available in Beaver County to help them overcome challenges which may be barriers to find and keep a job.  A hot topics resource area of brochures and information flyers is now available at PA CareerLink® Beaver County.   Information includes help with child care, elder care, transportation issues, health care, crisis counseling, ex-offender programs, support groups for drug and alcohol challenges, eyeglasses, food banks and soup kitchens, emergency housing, help with family  members needing special care, and supportive employment programs. “ While PA CareerLink® Beaver County is not a counseling center, we feel it is important to empower all individuals seeking work by helping them remove the barriers that may hold  them back in their job search,” according to Stoner. PA CareerLink® Beaver County partners with a number of local and regional nonprofits and temporary employment services to bring career and job search services to area residents looking for assistance in their job searches.  Anyone interested in getting more information can stop in and get a quick orientation to all the services available and talk with staff.  PA CareerLink® hours  are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 8:30 – 4:00; and Tuesdays from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

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