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Jane the Bunny Would Love to Find a New Family

Animal Friends is the current home of this beautiful little bunny.  Pretty little Jane is the result of having unaltered animals in the same home. Her original owners now know the value of spay and neuter. We’re happy to have little miss Jane though. At about 6 pounds, she a petite little lady, but she’s only about a year old so that may change. Jane uses a litter box, loves to snack on hay, and appreciates gentle petting. She lived with a larger family for several months, and would be happy to do so again, provided there are no tiny children who may be inclined to pull ears or tails. Animal Friends, a premier companion animal resource center, is committed to nurturing and promoting the animal-human bond and creating a community where our relationship with companion animals is guided by compassion. To learn more Jane and the animal adoption process at Animal Friends, please visit our website at

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