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Invest in Your Community, Purchase Locally Grown Produce and Products

Keeping it Local

More and more consumers are hearing the message of how beneficial it is to purchase food locally. Not only does the consumer benefit from having fresher vegetables, dairy products and meats but this practice of purchasing locally grown items stimulates our county’s economy as well. We are fortunate in Beaver County to have farmer’s markets that accept Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) checks for seniors and WIC participants; and some grocers and food lockers carry local meats. One of my favorite places for milk is a dairy that actually uses glass bottles still and their chocolate milk is like a shake. But why stop at just fresh foods? Why not purchase other local items as well?

The variety of goods and services available is limitless. Local artists create beauty with their hands from jewelry to music to oil paintings and more. Some of my favorite places to explore are the family owned hardware stores in our area. Small clothing shops carry items that you won’t see in the mart/super department stores. Many dry cleaners will do more than just freshen up your suits; they will do alterations so that great item you bought at the thrift store will fit you perfectly. Specialty food shops and restaurants are delightful places to visit and try something new. Each one has its own unique atmosphere and I always like to ask the employees what their favorites are.

At the Alliance for Consumer Protection we love to encourage and promote local businesses that are ethically driven to succeed. We have good relationships with many Beaver County businesses and non-profits and are thankful for everything they do.

Our county needs us to be wise consumers, to step up to the plate and take a Saturday to explore the businesses that grace a down town main street or along that little country road. Keeping them in business promotes diversity and competition which in turn should lower prices. Buying local is truly a win-win situation.

What have you purchased locally in Beaver County recently?  We would love to hear about your terrific finds!

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