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Help For Disadvantaged Families on the Northside of Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania Women Work would like to introduce you to their new program, *Northside Family Connections*.  This program is being provided thanks to a collaboration with another nonprofit organization,  Workforce Development Global Alliance. 

Families and youth living in the Northside of Pittsburgh face great challenges due to high unemployment, poverty, lack of education, and prevalent violence. The unemployment rate for Northsiders is expected to be above the City of Pittsburgh’s overall rate of 8.5%. According to Northside United, a community action group, over 10,000 Northsiders lives below the Federal poverty limit and almost 46% live below twice the Federal poverty limit of $28,000 for a family of four. The graduation rate in the area is 38%, meaning many young people are both out of school and out of work. These problems aggregate to produce a dangerous environment: the incidents of shootings and homicides in the City of Pittsburgh have been on the rise for the past decade, and the Northside is known to have one of the highest crime rates in the city. 

Given these statistics, it is necessary to equip families and youths in the Northside with tools and training which will allow them to maturely handle conflict, provide stable family environments, and understand the value of education. *Northside Family Connections* aims to assist household family units in working together to provide a better future for themselves and their community. 

Northside Family Connections will target families who meet the following criteria: 

  • Families located in the Northside community of Pittsburgh 
  • Disadvantaged families living at or below twice the poverty line 
  • Families who include high school drop-outs and recent graduates with no future work plans 

*Goals of the program include:* 

  • Providing career development services to adult and youth family members 
  • Improving the communication skills of participants 
  • Equipping youth with conflict resolution training and specialized plans to attach to the workforce 
  • Placing participants in training and employment 

The program will run for a total of twelve months and will include career development classes, computer training, job placement services, and ongoing family activities. Additionally, participants will receive support in finishing the GED if necessary, be able to obtain a discounted bus pass, and have access to clothing for interview s and work. 

*Anyone interested in the program is encouraged to call 412-281-9240!*

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