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HandsOn Tech 2013-2014 Training Curriculum

The HandsOn Tech Pittsburgh team is proud to announce the training curriculum for our 2013-2014 service year. To promote the effective and sustainable use of technology, we’ll be holding 14 workshops throughout the year on a wide range of topics. From Google AdWords to social media strategy to fundraising to video storytelling, there’s something here for every nonprofit! We’ve highlighted three upcoming workshops below, but there are events scheduled from now until June, so explore our calendar! Click here to see our Eventbrite page. 

Google AdWords

November 6th From Google itself learn how you can use the world’s largest search engine advertising program for free. Hear from Googler Cathy Serventi how best to tailor your organization’s message into free ad space. Register today! 

Google Analytics

December 4th Find out who’s visiting you online, what they’re looking at, when you’re getting the most traffic, why you’re attracting them and how to use this knowledge. Join Googler Timothy James to explore the world of Google Analytics. Register today!

Financial Decision Making

January 28th With limited funding and resources, and so many projects you can do, it’s important to have basic financial knowledge. Join Garrett Cooper to understand how to better control your money. Register today! Free Tech Assessments HandsOn Tech Pittsburgh is accepting applications for our free nonprofit tech assessments. If your organization has a vital technological need, please apply for a tech assessment here. Skill-Based Volunteers HandsOn Tech Pittsburgh is recruiting skilled technological volunteers to help nonprofits achieve technological goals they might not otherwise be able to. If you think you can help out, please click here for more information.

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