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Greg Quinlan Named Executive Director of Focus on Renewal

An important message to the friends and supporters of Focus On Renewal from Father Ryan

I am pleased to tell you that Greg Quinlan will be succeeding me as Executive Director of Focus On Renewal. For some time, I have wanted to step down from this position, particularly since I am and will continue to be Executive Director of the FOR Sto-Rox Neighborhood Family Health Center. But, I wanted to stay on until we worked through the financial crisis we experienced at FOR in the spring of 2011. Today, we are back on the right track financially thanks to the foundation community and the hard work of Geoff Stillson who helped us manage through this crisis over the last year. I also did not want to leave until we had found an outstanding person to take over these responsibilities. Greg Quinlan is that person and he will be taking over on October 29 of this year.

Greg will be bringing his years of successful experience as an outstanding manager and fundraiser in the nonprofit field. He is best known in the Pittsburgh area for his five years of successful service as Managing Director of City Theater on the South Side. His theater and arts experience will be valuable in continuing the growth and development of the Father Ryan Arts Center, a major FOR facility and program. Greg is fully committed to continuing and growing the long tradition of FOR as an essential organization that supports our community and the people in it. He was recently quoted as saying “I am so honored to have this opportunity to work in and with the Sto-Rox community. The impact Focus On Renewal has is truly remarkable, particularly in bringing basic services to so many adults and children in the community. I look forward to building upon the many accomplishments of Father Ryan and FOR and leading the organization in to the future.” A graduate of Reed College, Mr. Quinlan resides on the South Side with his wife Michelle Figlar and their two children.

It is with much gratitude for all who assisted in this very complex process of transition that I extend a sincere word of welcome and support to Greg. The Sto-Rox community has provided me with all the rich, human experiences of life for the past 37 years. Much in this aging neighborhood has changed over these years, but the consistent call for support and encouragement from our community and its residents has not abated. My prayers and best wishes go to Greg and all the FOR family, so that we may continue to move toward a new day of kindness, caring and empowerment and continue the ongoing renewal which Sto-Rox needs and deserves. I ask you to continue to support FOR and Greg as you have so generously supported us through the years.

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