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Grand Opening Celebration at Heritage Body & Soul Wellness Ministry: October 10 – 15

Body & Soul, a Women’s wellness ministry at Heritage Presbyterian Church, will have its Grand Opening October 10-15th.  The celebration will include free trial workouts, free Zumba, Hoop and Praise Move Yoga classes, discounts on memberships and guest speakers. Please join us and bring a friend.

Free Speaker Topics:
* Tues., October 11 at 11 am: Giving Back as a Way to Age Positively by Jane Brandenstein, a physical therapist.
* Tues., October 11 at 7 pm: Women’s Personal Self Defense by Officer Jason Venturella of the Franklin Park  Police Department.
* Thurs., October 11 at 7 pm: Reinventing the Balance by Nancy Pettengill, Nurse Educator

Body & Soul is an inviting, supportive gym that is affordable and a great place for ladies to get to know each other in their community.  Body & Soul is a ministry of Heritage Presbyterian Church.  For details and to register for a speaker or class, call 412 366-1356 or email Heritage Presbyterian Church is located at 2262 Rochester Rd., Franklin Park. Worship services are held Sundays at 10am. To learn more about Heritage Presbyterian church call 412-366-1338 or visit

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