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Get Your Rum Cakes Here!

The holiday season is upon us and at the Woodlands the smell of delicious rum and apricot brandy cakes has begun to fill our kitchen. This fundraising campaign was started by Dr. Kamthorn Sukarochana (Dr. Kam), a retired pediatric general surgeon, after he participated in aquatics programs at the Woodlands to help him improve his mobility. Dr. Kam, like many Woodlands participants, was experiencing the effects of aging that was slowing him down and limiting his ability to participate in the daily living activities we take for granted. For many of the children and adults who come to the Woodlands the freedom of movement that our adaptive aquatics facility allows is invaluable to their health and well being. 

The annual cake sale has become a very important funding tool for the Woodlands’ Aquatics Program. Since that first cake was baked in 2005, sales have grown to necessitate the need for teams of volunteers baking cakes to meet the demand. This year volunteers from such organizations as FedEx are volunteering to assist in baking over 400 cakes. To order your cake for the holiday season, please visit our website for an order form or call 724.935.5470 to place an order by phone. The rum and apricot brandy cakes make great gifts for the holiday season. Order yours today!

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