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Genesis, Helping With Unplanned Pregnancies and Creating New Beginnings

Faced with an unplanned pregnancy?

An unplanned pregnancy at any age can be a trying situation.  How does she get the prenatal care she needs?  How about emotional support, counseling, life skills training?   What if she needs a place to stay during her pregnancy? Where can she turn to get the help she needs? She can go to Genesis of Pittsburgh

Considering adoption?

What if someone is unable to conceive and would still like to raise a family and have a house filled with the laughter of children?  Where can they reach out to and help make a difference in the community, while waiting to be matched with a child?  They can go to Genesis of Pittsburgh

An Adoptive Parent Talks About Building A Blended Family With Genesis of Pittsburgh 

My husband and I have been married for 20 years.  We tried to start a family for about 15 years with no success.  After meeting with a fertility specialist, we decided to build our family through adoption.  My husband was told about a local agency that helps with domestic adoptions.  

We really liked the philosophy of the agency, because it provides services to young women in need- not just helping to find prospective adoptive parents, but also helping the young women to get their GED’s, find housing, line up medical aid, and the most important part to us- if the woman decides to parent her child, Genesis offers counseling and support, baby and maternity clothing, and help with finding housing, food, and medical assistance!  

Prospective adoptive parents volunteer their time with the agency, tutoring, performing house maintenance, sorting donations, and manning the phones.  We felt that if we were not blessed to be chosen to parent a child, we were still helping to provide a valuable service to our local community.  

A few months into our volunteer service, we received a call to come to the agency that day because a potential birthmother was interested in meeting us.  I left work immediately (read that as FLEW home), changed clothes, gathered family photos, and fretted the whole way to the adoption agency which was about an hour-and-a-half drive away. 

We met the birthmother and, after a while, we agreed to meet again later that week at a restaurant in her neighborhood.  She was due to give birth in about two weeks and we were told by the agency that she had a few other families to meet.  My husband and I fell in love with her and waited to see if we were chosen. 

Days later, we received a call from Genesis saying that the birthmother was at the hospital and asked if we wanted to come.  YES!  At 11:29 that evening. Our baby was born.

Four years later, Genesis of Pittsburgh still continues to be part of our lives.  They give us guidance on how to build a strong and growing relationship with our child, and we are able to continue doing some community service. 

You can learn more about Genesis of Pittsburgh, a nonprofit organization,  by going to

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