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Eagle Scout Project Supports Etna Food Pantry

Recently, Hank Arch, a Boy Scout, completed his Eagle Scout project at the Bread of Life Food Pantry located in Etna.  Hank is the third Eagle Scout to complete their project at our food pantry. The shelving, which Hank assembled for our use at the food pantry, has given us plenty of extra room to store the food items that we receive. It works out great for the 90 senior boxes we receive each month from the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. They are easily accessible and the shelving now fits 2 boxes side by side and 2 high.  We are able to serve 140 families a month. The new doorway has helped us immensely since it created another way into our storage area. The extra finishing touches have brighten, improved and benefited our pantry. We thank Hank for all his hard work and dedication.  In working with his fellow Scouts, his leaders, other volunteers and his family, Hank has shown that people can work together for a common cause.

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