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Drug Prevention Program Launches 3rd Reality Tour

Reality Tours Keeps Anti-Drug Message Amazing for 3rd Straight Year 

The Reality Tour program is designed to reach parent and child together with a memorable prevention experience.  It is designed for youth aged 10+ with a parent since research indicates that youth are first exposed to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs between ages 10-12. 

Recent studies show that adolescents who have a parent or other adult mentor are less likely to participate in risky behavior.  This is why Reality Tour is aimed at both and parent and child so that they both receive accurate education about substance abuse, current trends, and how to strengthen family communication skills. 

Creating a foundation for informed decisions and good family interaction, the award winning Reality Tour is an evening filled with dramatic presentations and opportunities to learn about the consequences of drug abuse in a unique atmosphere. 

Reality Tour will launch its new season on November 14, 2011, and as an added incentive, the entry fee will be waived. This is designed to allow all interested parents and their children to attend this innovative drug prevention program.  The Tour will be held by Community Health Challenge at 1016 State Street, Baden, PA in the former Mt. Gallitzin school building. 

Registration for the presentation is required. For more information visit or call (724) 432-3474.

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