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Domestic Violence Survivor/Author to Inspire Families of Holy Family Institute’s SNAP Program

Evangelist Vanessa Ford Taylor, author of Behind the Mask: A Survivor’s Story, will speak to at-risk children and parents of the Holy Family Institute’s Mckees Rocks branch Monday, June 10th at 6:30PM. Taylor will share the personal struggles documented in her memoir which include overcoming a problematic childhood and domestic violence.  “To those whose lives have been shattered and broken, you can be restored. You can heal and move on,” she encourages. 

At the age of 13, Taylor met a man who would become the father of her oldest children. Thus her battle with physical, drug and alcohol abuse began. He beat her so severely with a baseball bat that she was confined to a wheelchair and told she would never walk again.  Today, Taylor is a walking miracle who credits her recovery from the injuries and addiction to the grace of God.  She has also forgiven her abuser so that she is able to cope with her past and live for the present.  Reverend Corelia T. Armstead of the Miracle Church of God in Christ in Aliquippa, PA says, “She is one of the fortunate ones … using her testimony to help and warn others so they won’t have to go through what she went through.”

In speaking to the participants of Holy Family Institute’s award-winning SNAP (Stop Now and Plan) program, Taylor intends to us her experience as a platform to showcase the program’s evidence-based teaching of using coping methods to avoid trouble, control behavior, and effectively deal with anger by responding differently.

The special event is invitation only and will be located at 19 May Ave, Mckees Rocks PA 15136.  For more information, contact the Evangelist Taylor via email or call 724.650.0145.

About Evangelist Vanessa Ford Taylor … 

Vanessa founded her ministry “From Behind the Mask” in June 2001. She travels throughout the community and shares her story to the young and old.  Many lives have been touched by her inspirational story.  “From Behind the Mask”, a non -profit organization, has an outreach that meets the needs of females who are hurting and scared. Solely supported by volunteers and donations, this organization has met the needs of innumerable people. Not only helping women, but overflowing to their families, and building a stronger family unit.  As a motivational speaker, Evangelist Vanessa Ford Taylor has dedicated her life to helping victims of domestic violence become victorious in conquering overwhelming obstacles.  Her conviction, dedication and lead-by-example approach has had a positive impact on people of all ages, races and backgrounds.

About the SNAP program …

Developed by the Child Development Institute in Toronto, the program includes group sessions with fun and interactive activities;  individualized support provided by a SNAP® Child Worker; school advocacy; a homework club; crisis intervention; and victim restitution. Additionally, parents meet weekly to learn more effective child management techniques and how to help their child, as well as connect with other parents who face similar challenges.

About Holy Family Institute …

Holy Family Institute was founded in 1900 when three orphaned children were brought to the Sister’s summer home in Emsworth. From there, the organization accepted many more children who needed care and in 1931 the organization’s name changed from Orphan Asylum of the Holy Family to Holy Family Institute.  The name change occurred to reflect HFI’s shift from being a true orphanage to a small-group living facility serving both orphans and other children in need.  Through the years, Holy Family Institute has developed a wide range of programs to help children and families in their communities. Today, the services include educating behaviorally challenged children, counseling and helping families to function as a healthy unit in

their homes, preparing youth and young adults for their future through workforce development, offering drug and alcohol addiction counseling to children and youth, and making outpatient mental health counseling available to families and children who are functioning in the community but need specialized help. Holy Family Institute is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization. In the rich tradition of Catholic social teaching and rooted in the heritage of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, we empower children and families to lead responsible lives and develop healthy and meaningful relationships built on faith, hope and love.

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