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Do You ‘Hold the Key’ to Help Disabled or Homeless Vet’s

VansForVets.Org is a non-profit corporation founded for the purpose of providing handicap-equipped vehicles other conveyances and services (free of charge) to Honorably Discharged, American Disabled and Homeless Veterans and their families. VFV is a national organization with international outreach capability comprising private citizens, volunteers associations and other interested parties. VFV works to enhance and improve freedom of movement, accessibility and improvement of quality of life for the Disabled American Veteran and its family.  

VFV provides a variety of services and products to Disabled American Veterans including:

  • Providing new, used or refurbished conveyances, free of charge, which have been retrofitted to accommodate the special needs of the Disabled Veteran
  •  Referrals to local or in special instances transportation to regional or special VA Hospitals
  •  Rreferrals to state licensing agencies
  •  Discounted vehicle rentals and insurance
  •  Discounted (free emergency) air travel services, discounted lodging rates and maps
  •  Discounted vehicle repairs through member-sponsor and affiliated companies
  •  Scheduling and coordination of a number of activities and events in collaboration with the US Department of the Interior, the  U.S. Forest Service and the National Park Service, e.g., free stays at all U.S. National Parks and Monuments.  

Since receiving its 501(c)(3) status certification, VansForVets.Org has successfully placed eight vehicles and six motorized wheel chairs to Applicants.  Our goal at outset in May, 2008 was to successfully place at least five vehicles prior to year’s end.  We met and surpassed that objective.  Vets.Org has received over 6,700 applications for participation in its free vehicle distribution program.  Obviously VFV.Org has been overwhelmed by the response and is committed to meeting needs of its Applicants’. 

How you can help!

You really do ‘Hold the Keys’ to changing lives for the better! You can make a difference. Donate today!  Get rid of that unwanted vehicle, boat, etc.  We’ll take it and our Vet’s will use it!      Please donate your unwanted or used vehicle, motorhome or boat to help disabled or homeless Vet’s and their families’. If you have a piece of property you no longer need or use or don’t need or want that old motorhome (or boat…as we have ‘Sailor-Applicants’ who wish to live on a boat!) please donate that property and help end Homelessness in America!

To learn more about Vans for Vets, please visit our website at .  Don’t forget to visit our Hall of Fame page


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