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Crisis Shelter Receives Grant for Mandated Sex Offender Accountability Program

Crisis Shelter of Lawrence County has been awarded a grant of nearly $90,000 by the FISA Foundation to support the implementation of the Lawrence County Sex Offender Accountability Program.

“This FISA Foundation grant is critical to the ongoing work of the Crisis Shelter,” said Dayna Shaw Sear, Executive Director, “and have enabled us to work with our community partners, including the Lawrence County District Attorney Josh Lamancusa, Lawrence County Adult Probation, Clover Psychological Association, State Parole, Children’s Advocacy Center and Children & Youth Services to develop this program and enhance current sex offender treatment while adding additional restorative justice elements and increasing the victim healing.” Nicole Amabile, Victim Services Supervisor at the Crisis Shelter said, “The FISA Foundation understands that in order to better address the needs of victims work must also be done in the area of offender treatment and have committed to funding promising practices.”   Assistance in data collection and analyzing outcomes is being provided by a researcher from the University of Pittsburgh.  Amabile included, “In addition to the primary goal of enhancing sex offender and victim treatment, the collaborative project is also designed to reduce offender recidivism rates and the number of offenders remanded to jail for nonpayment of mandated polygraph fees.” “All of the partners in the project have dedicated much time to getting this program up and running,” Sear also commented.  “We are very fortunate in Lawrence County to have a criminal justice system and victim service network that is dedicated to working together to think outside of the box to improve the system.”  The Sex Offender Accountability Program was officially launched in Lawrence County on July 1st and is the first collaborative program of its kind. About Crisis Shelter of Lawrence County Crisis Shelter of Lawrence County was founded in 1980 and serves victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and other violent crimes in the Lawrence County community.  The mission of the Crisis Shelter is to empower and advocate for those affected by domestic violence, sexual assault and other violent crimes.  The Crisis Shelter inspires and educates citizens to create safer communities and break the cycle of violence.  The organization’s dual goal is to provide direct service to victims while breaking the cycle of abuse and engaging meaningful social transformation through coordinated efforts that empower residents, engage bystanders, teach healthy behaviors and provide mentors and positive role models to those striving for a violence free life.   Learn more about the Crisis Shelter at About FISA Foundation The mission of FISA Foundation is to build a culture of respect and improve the quality of life for three populations in southwestern Pennsylvania: women, girls and people with disabilities. For over 100 years, FISA has been led by women and focused on responding to unmet community needs. Originally founded in 1911 by an organization that became known as the Federation of Independent School Alumnae to improve the lives of poor and working class women, the organization underwent a metamorphosis over the years. In 1956, to meet the needs of people with disabilities, the Federation converted its convalescent home into Harmarville Rehabilitation Center, which became recognized internationally for excellence and innovation. In 1996, Harmarville was sold, and the FISA Foundation was established to continue the charitable work of the Federation in the southwestern Pennsylvania region. Learn more about FISA at For Additional Information Contact Dayna Shaw Sear by phone at 724.652.9206 or 814-221-9838 or e-mail

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