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Counseling Services, Volunteer Opportunities and More at Anchorpoint

Counseling Services

Professional Counseling for families and kids: Need someone to talk with but can’t afford it or lack health coverage?  Subsidized professional therapy is available at Anchorpoint Counseling Ministry. Call 412-366-1300.

Volunteers Needed

Tutoring Volunteers Needed: Make a difference for a child in 1-3 hours per week helping with homework, study skills and remedial activities. For more info contact Sandy at Anchorpoint Counseling Ministry: 412-366-1300 x23

Volunteer Book Sorters Needed: If you love books or are looking for a youth group or team building project, Anchorpoint could use your help sorting books for the annual used book sale. Call Denise at 412-366-1300 x13

Support Groups

Bereavement Support Group for Widows & Widowers over 50: Meets the 2nd & 4th Wednesday from 1:00-2:30pm at St. Sebastian’s Parish, Haber Hall. To register, call ACM at 412-366-1300.

Self Care: A support Group for women over age 30 meeting the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays from 6:00 pm to 7:30pm at Anchorpoint Counseling Ministry Offices. This group explores ways to find the healthy balance that allows you to take care of others without neglecting yourself. To register, call ACM at 412-366-1300.

Parenting Help

Who’s in Charge? Boundaries with Kids: How & When to Set Them—For parents of 10-18 year olds on Sunday, March 2, 6:00pm at Trinity Lutheran Church. To register call 724-935-2746.

Scholarships for Parent Coaching. Are you a single Mom (or Dad)? Does parenting feel like a battle?  It doesn’t have to be.  Help is available! Scholarships are available for free private parent coaching sessions at Anchorpoint Counseling Ministry. For more information, contact Joan at 412-366-1300 ex.25

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