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Counseling for Teens Available at Anchorpoint Counseling Ministries

Counseling with Teens Adolescence is often a stressful time. There is so much going on devel- opmentally that it usually a?ects the entire family system. Teens are going through identity formation, relational skill building, comparing themselves to peers, learning what intimacy means, experimenting with di?erent activities and involvements with di?erent peer groups, beginning to think about a ca- reer, separating from their parents, and developing a religious belief system about life. Formal operational thinking is developed in the later teen years when they learn to argue their line of reasoning for their behaviors which can be enjoyable as well as very challenging for the parents and siblings.

The teen and family are going through many changes from intense joy and wonderment to intense pain and tragedy. ACM has been counseling with teens for over 48 years. We work from a systems point of view when counseling with the adolescent family. Counseling can help clarify needed boundaries, expectations, consequences, and strengthen the communication process which often becomes minimal and secretive. Teens need and want to be connected to their family and yet they need to be allowed to expand their boundaries from when they were younger. Remember the ultimate goal is to launch our teens so they become responsible, independent adults who are capable of maintaining their own livelihood and be a loving presence for their family of origin as well as themselves and their own future family. Anchorpoint Counseling Ministries provides counseling for teens and families. Call us today at 412-366-1300 to begin the healing process.

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