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Conflict Resolution Programs and More at CVVC

In the past year CVVC’s programs and services offered help, healing and the chance for peaceful conflict resolution for more than 30,000 people in greater Pittsburgh.

Please consider designating The Center for Victims of Violence and Crime (CVVC) through the United Way Contributor Choice Campaign, the Combined Federal Appeal or the State Employee Combined Appeal in your workplace.

United Way Contributor Choice                                          #265

Combined Federal Appeal                                          #22980

State Employee Combined Appeal                                     #4601-0135

CVVC remains the only organization in Allegheny County offering a unique continuum of services that help to heal trauma for crime victims and witnesses, avoid and resolve conflict and end violence through dialogue, training and community education.

Last year, community investment in our programs and services, made possible: 

  • consistent, high-quality services to more than 12,000 men, women and children who have been impacted by crime, violence and conflict in Allegheny County.
  • ongoing education through the innovative EVE (Enlightened Voices for the Environment) program making the connections between diet and personal care products and behavior and violence. 
  •  the creation of CVVC’s Dialogue and Resolution Center (DRC) providing the community with an essential resource and leader in community efforts toward peace-building.

Workplace contributions last year made a tremendous difference to our efforts. We hope you’ll consider designating CVVC this year.  Please know that your gift, at whatever level is possible for you, is greatly appreciated and will have an immediate and positive impact throughout our community; reaching into neighborhoods, workplaces, schools and beyond.

We hope you’ll encourage the generosity of others by sharing the enclosed bookmarks with your co-workers, friends and family.  CVVC is always eager to raise awareness about its programs and services. If you would like to arrange a presentation in your workplace or community, please contact Melissa Ferraro at 412-482-3240 ext. 214 or by email:

Thank you for your support. In collaboration with generous Peace Partners like you, we can heal trauma, resolve conflict and end violence. 

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