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Pollution Concerns Being Addressed by Athletes

Are you active outdoors? Are you an athlete? Do you care about the air you breathe?

The Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP) has launched a new campaign called Athletes United for Healthy Air (AU), which addresses air pollution concerns for athletes, a susceptible population of people who process more air per minute (and so therefore more air pollution per minute) than sedentary people.

Professional athletes like Pittsburgh roller derby star Betsy “The Crippler” Wack fight alongside GASP to achieve more responsible standards and practices to improve air quality in SW PA.

Hear what Betsy has to say about her personal bout with asthma and her thoughts on holding big polluters accountable.

Typically models of good health, active individuals can endanger their heart and lungs by inhaling air pollution while exercising. Two pollutants in the Pittsburgh region, ozone and particulate matter (PM), exceed national limits set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). From mobile sources like buses to stationary sources like power plants, ozone and PM sources are many and varied. So what should an athlete do to avoid them?

GASP conducts educational programming to teach active individuals and sports teams more about reducing their exposure. Check these tips to get you started.

Then join AU, as an individual or as part of a sports group, to get updated information about programs and events that support the campaign. Whether you attend every event or simply wish to stay informed, GASP gladly invites your participation as an AU member!

You can even request for GASP to speak to your sports team, school group, or exercise club. Empower yourself with knowledge to positively influence your health and the health of your community.

By subscribing to the GASP newsletter, receiving tweets, following the GASP blog, and attending

GASP events, you can become a knowledgeable resident with the power to change SW PA’s air for the better. Tell your friends. Support clean air legislation. Reduce your pollution footprint.

Start your education at the GASP website.   And consider giving the gift of a GASP membership to someone special this holiday season.


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