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Can You Be a Big Brother to Calvin or a Big Sister to Sadie?

Be Big in Beaver County!

Calvin is a 7-year-old from the Hopewell Township area who lives with his mom and two siblings. His Dad is serving time in prison, however Calvin has been told and believes that his dad is away at boot camp. Calvin loves his Mom, but would like a Big Brother to take him to his Cub Scout meetings because he is embarrassed that he is the only boy who brings his Mom to the meetings. While Calvin would like a Big Brother who goes to church, he also wants a Big Brother to come to some of his games and “talk sports.”     

Sadie is a 12-year-old from the Beaver Falls area. In many ways, she is a typical young girl. She likes reading, making jewelry and listening to music. Sadie also enjoys playing volleyball and basketball. Sadie’s life is not all fun and games as she shares in the responsibility of taking care of her mom, who suffers from a chronic health condition that limits her ability to participate in activities with her daughter. Her Mom knows that having a Big Sister for Sadie would provide opportunities for Sadie to enjoy being a kid.  

Calvin and Sadie are two of over 100 great kids in Beaver County anxiously waiting to have fun with someone like you. Children who spend time with a mentor gain confidence, acquire new skills and competencies, and develop an enhanced capacity to care for others. Volunteering to be a Big Brother, Sister or Couple is about being a friend and someone to look up to. It’s about hanging out, talking and sharing, for four hours a month. It’s about making one child feel very special. And you’ll feel pretty great, too. Be Big in Beaver County! Please visit or call 724-728-4300 to learn more.

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