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Break the Cycle of Underachieving Students

How do you break the cycle of underachieving?

Anchorpoint Counseling Ministry will offer a new program for parents and youth leaders this fall:  “My Child is Failing and Doesn’t Care.”  Parents fervently care about their children’s school success.  Most children also want to do well in school and put forth the necessary effort to bring about good grades.  Many students may experience an occasional slump in a subject, but they’re usually able to improve their grades in a short period of time.

For some students, however, grades are not important.  These students don’t like doing homework, so they avoid it at all costs.  As the school year progresses, their grades get continuously worse.  These students often lack the motivation to study, fail to complete class reports and projects, and generally tend to blame others for their problems.  They have more excuses than answers.  Parents of these underachieving students often feel powerless and frustrated.

Underachieving students have a significant gap between their ability and what they achieve in school.  Students underachieve in school for many reasons: some personal, some social, and some involving a lack of engagement in school.  Take action now by asking for help.

This is a dynamic workshop for parents who want to break the cycle of underachievement.

How does it work?  Workshops are conducted by Joan Wolf Schenker, M.Ed. Joan is a certified school counselor as well as the Community Education Director for Anchorpoint.  These sessions will take place in the evenings and will be dates will be determined based on needs of participants.  Private sessions are also available for $25 per hour.

Please call for more information: 412-366-1300×25.

Length: 6 sessions

Cost: $60 for 6 session hours

min. 8/ max. 12

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