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Boys Learning Accountability by Helping in the Community

Adelphoi Village is a private, not-for-profit agency that provides an extensive network of community-based programs and services to over 800 youth and families on a daily basis. We provide group homes, foster and adoption services, charter school, multisystemic therapy, education services, and much more for a complete continuum care for children, youth, and families.

Caring for the community

This summer the boys at Raphael have been cutting grass for the elderly through our “Faith in Action” advocacy program.  Currently the boys have 6 lawns they take care of on a weekly basis. By helping those who are unable  physically to take care of their lawn work, the boys are learning to give back to their community and make restorations for their crimes prior to placement at Adelphoi Village.  

The folks whose lawns we service show much appreciation and thanks to the boys for their efforts.  The boys are able to feel a person’s gratitude through their thanks and the smiles they bring to the faces of those they help.  They  are also able to learn a skill, feel a sense of accomplishment, and understand how they can help others as opposed to hinder those in society.  

Have you been touched by the great work at Adelphoi Village? 

We are seeking old photos and stories about the agency to mark its upcoming 40th Anniversary celebration. If you have an old photo or memory of Adelphoi Village that you would like to share, please contact Megan Trice, 724-537-3052, ext. 1503 or

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