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Big Brothers Big Sisters Says Please to “Bowl for Kids’ Sake”

“Bowl for Kids Sake” is the annual fundraiser for Big Brothers  Big Sisters of Beaver County.  It helps gain financial support so that the mission of helping  at-risk kids will remain alive and thriving.  Please take a moment to read one story of how a child and her mentor have been impacted by the amazing mentoring programs being done by this Beaver County nonprofit organization

Why I’m a ‘Roll Model’  

I volunteer through the Lunch Buddy program at a local elementary school as part of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Beaver County. For an hour a week throughout the school year, I meet with Abby.  The time we spend together is often the highlight of my week as it brings back my own childhood memories of friends and fun. We’ve been meeting for almost a year, and together, we reached a major milestone. Abby finally took her feet off the ground and slid down the iron bars on the playground. While this may not seem like a big deal to you, for Abby, it was similar to reaching the summit of Mt. Everest. In addition to being afraid to try something new, anything physical is difficult for her to accomplish. 

We started off with me supporting her and once she got started, I let go and ran to be in front so she could see me. The smile on her face when she realized she was actually doing this on her own was quite a moment! Several of her classmates had been watching and when she touched back down to Earth at the end of the bars, they clapped for her. She was so proud! As we began to walk back into school after recess, Abby took my hand and said ‘I could have never done that without you. I love you.’ 

Trust and support are two components of a true friendship.

I’m proud that Abby is my friend and I’m proud to be a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Beaver County.  In addition to being a volunteer, being a team captain at Bowl for Kids’ Sake is one more way I can help Big Brothers Big Sisters of Beaver County.

You should bowl and be a ‘roll model,’ too! 

Abby is one of approximately 400 at-risk kids  in our programs, and there are hundreds more at-risk kids who need the help BBBS provides. More families than ever before are turning to us. 

“Bowl for Kids Sake” will take place on March 13th and 14th at Sim’s Lanes in Beaver Falls. 

Your participation and support will have a direct impact. Proceeds remain here in Beaver County to help our at-risk kids. Register today by calling 724-728-4300, ext. 24, or visit Pre-registration is required.

2 Responses to Big Brothers Big Sisters Says Please to “Bowl for Kids’ Sake”

  1. I’m a former Little Sister. My mom, in a rare fit of mercy, enrolled my sisters and I in the program (in Hampton, Virginia), but I was already 13-14 at the time. That made finding me a Big Sister more challenging, but the awesome people in the program succeeded not just once, but TWICE, when my first Big Sister was redeployed shortly after we were matched. I stayed with my second Big Sister until I turned 18 and moved away, right after graduation. In fact, my first Big Sister came to my graduation!
    Now, at 32, I continue to keep in touch with both of these women who had such a big impact on my life. They’ve been an important part of my growing up, in how I’ve handled the various challenges that I’ve faced in my life. These two women, and their willingness to share their lives with a strange young girl, and even putting up with my mom, made a huge difference in my life.
    It doesn’t have to be a lot. Just by spending time with young people, you bring an amazing positive influence into a life that may normally not have much positive influence. You bring an oasis of peace into a life that might not have much peace. Mentor a child. You can make a world of difference, one hour at a time.

  2. Heather, thank you for sharing your wonderful experience! You credit your Bigs for having a big impact on your life; I would venture to say that you impacted their lives just as much! Your words ring true for many former Littles, and serve as the perfect example of the “Little Moments” that are at the heart of the “Big Magic” of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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