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Meet Robyn an Affectionate Beagle Ready for Adoption

Robyn came to us with a sad story. She was found all alone living in a high school parking lot. She is a sweet and loving girl who wants nothing more than to find a forever home where she can learn what it is like to be a cherished canine member of the family.

Despite her past, Robyn still loves to be around people and is very social. When she arrived here she had a difficult time adjusting to kennel life and spent some time in a foster home. Once she settled in there she loved living the life of a family pet and adjusted very well. She gets along well with other dogs but seems pretty intent on cats; therefore it is recommended that she be adopted into a home that doesn’t have them.

Robyn was part of an Animal Friends field trip to North Park where her handler described her as a very good passenger in the car. She enjoyed the day and loved walking along the tree lines sniffing the entire time, of course, that’s what beagles love to do! She had a great time and was described as very loving.

If you can provide Robyn with a lifetime of companionship where she can be your typical calm and affectionate beagle, stop by and meet her soon.

She will be waiting!

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