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Be the Voice for Homeless Children

The 2010 Allegheny County “point-in-time survey” estimated that on the survey day in January and on any given day since then approximately 875 children (average age 7.8 years) have been receiving homeless services from multiple governmental and community sources or are residing in homeless housing in Allegheny County. Furthermore, this same study discovered that the average age of the above children being served is 7.5 years old. 

The Purposeful Gathering is a singular opportunity to raise awareness of the circumstances of these invisible children’s lives. 

They have no public voice of their own, and so YOU are invited to stand-in for them on this day during the annual National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week (November 14-20).

Beginning at 3:30 p.m.on Wednesday, November 17th all who wish to participate will receive an informational flier and the image of a child’s face on card stock. Each will be invited to find a place on the installation grid. At 4:15 p.m. all participants (875+ would be something to celebrate!) will raise a child’s “face” in front of their own and stand in silence for 875 seconds (approximately 15 minutes).

We encourage participants to consider themselves volunteers as well – helping to distribute fliers and faces, encouraging passers-by to join in, and helping with clean-up.

For more information, please call Susy Robison at 412-562-0154 or e-mail her at

We hope that anyone who can will stand with our organization on November 17!

Would you like to learn more about The Homeless Children’s Education Fund? Please visit our website

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