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Amizade Merges with Volunteer Expeditions

Amizade merges with Volunteer Expeditions and offers volunteer opportunities in New Orleans We are thrilled to announce that Volunteer Expeditions, a wonderful organization that we have been working with for years, and Amizade will be merging! Patti Vile founded Volunteer Expeditions in 2007 after planning her Temple’s trip to New Orleans and realizing the effect of the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina.

Perhaps no city in the world has built and relies on such a large volunteer sector as New Orleans. Unfortunately, in recent years, many organizations that depend on visiting volunteers have seen dramatic decreases in volunteer numbers. Recently, many groups and individuals that had been committed to the revival of New Orleans are now seeking out volunteer opportunities in the newest disaster zones, such as the areas affected by Super Storm Sandy. Amizade believes that it is now particularly important to commit to our friends in New Orleans.

When Patti decided to retire in 2013, she didn’t want the good work of Volunteer Expeditions and many volunteers to end and so she reached out to Amizade to merge. This new relationship allows Amizade to continue sending volunteer groups to New Orleans, carrying on the great work that Patti begin in 2007. The two organizations will officially merge on June 1st, 2013, and all programs in New Orleans will now be Powered by Amizade.

To learn more about Volunteer Expeditions and volunteer opportunities in New Orleans, visit our website.

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