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Advice for Consumers in Beaver County

Alliance for Consumer Protection 

 The Alliance for Consumer Protection, (ACP) in Beaver County was founded by Mr. Sidney Elkin, Esq., in June of 1975.  It is a branch of the Alliance for Consumer Protection International, Inc. and incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a non profit corporation.  Mr. Elkin believed then, as he does now, that the residents of this county needed the services of such an organization. 

 ACP was designed to educate, advise and protect consumers in the market place; to research and disseminate information on consumer issues; to investigate and mediate complaints and to provide references on businesses.  ACP also purposes to do family budget counseling; credit counseling and to teach the public about money management strategies.   

 The ACP office is centrally located in New Brighton in the Public Works building across the street from the tennis courts at Brady’s Run Park.  The staff and consumer consultants strive to advocate for the protection of low-income, unemployed, handicapped and elderly persons but will assist any Western Pennsylvania resident in need of these services, regardless of income level.  They are available to mediate from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. 

In an ongoing effort to provide consumer education, ACP provides a quarterly newsletter containing pertinent information for Beaver County residents to individual and business members.  Business members in good standing are given a certificate from ACP in addition to the newsletters.     Businesses, professionals, service providers and organizations may apply for a Business membership if they fulfill requirements established by the Board of Directors.  Membership costs are $10.00 for individuals and $50.00 for businesses and are payable annually.  Donations are also gratefully accepted.

If you or someone you know has any questions or is in need of mediation services, call the ACP office at 724-843-3282.  

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