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ACCESS Transit Cuts Leave Many Without Transportation

Starting September 2, 2012, ACCESS transit will no longer be the vibrant transportation system it once was.  The system that encouraged people with disabilities from all over to come to Pittsburgh will be cut back to the Federal minimum, leaving thousands without a way to travel outside of their own home.

Milestone just released a documentary via social media to chronicle the affect these cuts will have on individuals who need ACCESS service.  This is the story of a group of individuals with mental illnesses and/or intellectual/developmental disabilities, and their fight to preserve their independent way of life.

Watch the film here!

Here’s how to help:
1. Contact your state rep and tell them this issue is important to you.
2. Contact the governor’s office and tell them this is too important to let sit.’s_office/465341
3. Share the film, and get others to do the same!

Legislation to provide funding begins and ends inHarrisburg!

For a full explanations of the proposed cuts:

A wealth of information can be found here:


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