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About This Non-profit

Together We Flourish is raising awareness about the many services provided through nonprofit organizations in western Pennsylvania by providing a free collaborative blog where that information can be shared.    If you are a 501(c)3 operating in western PA, you are welcome to submit stories about your work. This service is offered at no cost to you, so please join us!

Why is sharing your stories important?

When someone needs help or has a loved one that is in need, they will often go online and seek information through search engines like Google.   Together We Flourish wants to make sure that people can find the help they need when they do those searches. Postings that express the heart of your work will increase the likelihood that when keywords and keyword phrases are typed into a search engine, information about the appropriate organization will appear. The more places that information is listed; the more likely it is that someone will find the help they need.

Now, let’s talk about you, the nonprofit.

Does everyone know exactly how much you do to serve the community?  How can we expect support if we don’t tell people exactly what we do!

It is our belief that sharing the “stories of your work” will garner even more support from those that are able to help by either volunteering or offering monetary and in-kind donations.  So please, share your stories with us! We’ll make sure the word gets out.

Do you need help or ideas about how to tell you story?  Give me, Susan, a call at 412-445-8699.  If I can’t help you, I will do my best to find someone who can.

By the way, when you share your stories on Together We Flourish, they are very often shared through the popular social media channels creating even more exposure! Do you need help understanding and using social media?  I can help you make the puzzle of communication a little less daunting.

Have you registered for updates yet?  If not, please do that and encourage your friends to do the same.  The more people we have hearing and sharing the stories, the better.


Together we all can truly FLOURISH!

If you would like to learn more about me, Susan Smith, it’s easy. You can find me on:

Together We Flourish is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Currently serving organizations in Pittsburgh as well Allegheny, Beaver, Washington, Westmoreland, Lawrence and Butler Counties

*Please note that the Together We Flourish blog site is politically neutral and that posts may not be political in nature or express political viewpoints.